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Peggy Horseman-Technology Resurrects Cold Case

Technology Resurrects Cold Case

Monday, Oct 22, 2007

Technology is being used to search for answers in a Mound City murder.

Twenty-two years ago, Peggy Horseman was murdered during a robbery at King Gas & Oil.

Her killer took money from the register, then shoved her body into a storage locker.

The killer was never found, but Holt County Sheriff, Kirby Felumb still wants justice for the town. That's why the cold case was recently turned over to the Missouri Highway Patrol.

"They're going to take this case and put it together for us so that anybody should be able to pick it up and read through the timelines about how the investigation was handled and what was done," said Sheriff Felumb.

Sheriff Felumb says 22 years ago, detectives didn't have access to forensic knowledge as they do now.

He hopes new leads will come from the research.

No word yet on how long the Missouri Highway Patrol needs to finish its work on the file.


Peggy Horseman Case-Unsolved Murder-Mound City, Missouri-

Sept 27,1985

Mound City News- 1985

Local Woman Slain During Robbery

Local Law Enforcement officers were summoned to the King Oil Co. service station-convenience store shortly after 8:00 Friday morning to investigate a robbery-homicide.The victim 27 year old Peggy Jean Davis Horseman, Mound City was the late night clerk for the business, located northwest of Mound City near interstate 29.

Her body was found in the rear portion of the building. Authorities reported that Mrs. Horseman was shot in the back of the head at close range by a blast from a 16 gauge shotgun.

The ejected shell casing was found on the floor during the investigation.Holt County Coroner, James D. Humphrey, M.D was at the crime scene and later sent the body to Heartland East Hospital, St Joseph for a complete autopsy. Details from this report were not expected for several days.It is believed that the shooting occurred between 3:30 and 4:00 a.m.

It was learned that the victim had talked to employer, Mrs. Alexis Whitham, around 3:30 a.m. Her body was found a short time later by a area motorist.Holt County Sheriff Department, many members of the Missouri Highway Patrol and Mound City Police Chief Bob Smith collaberated in the investigation. The amount of money taken during the robbery was not disclosed.Holt County Sheriff Bernie Delaney has asked for the cooperation from anyone who was in the vicinity of King Oil in the early morning hours on Friday. He said that anyone with information, no matter how trivial, could be helpful to the investigation.Authorities have neither a vehicle nor a suspect in the shooting. The access to the interstate Highway, both north and southbound lanes and inoperable surveilliance equiptment at the store has made the investigation even more difficult.

Oregon Times Observer-1985
Officers seek clues to shotgun slaying

(Mound City)- Holt County sheriff's officers and the state Highway Patrolmen continue their search for clues into the shotgun slaying of a cashier in the King gas station last friday morning.The funeral for Peggy Horseman 27,Mound City was held Monday afternoon at Pettijohn & Crawford funeral Home in Mound City. She was killed between 2 and 5 a.m Friday by a shot to the back of the head from a 16- gauge shotgun."We're talking to a lot of people" said Holt County Sheriff Bernie Delaney this week. "The Sheriff's Department and the Highway Patrol are investigating very thoroughly.

Delaney particularly wants to talk with anyone who was in or around the King store between 3-5 a.m. Friday. He wants clues to the identity of the slayer or to the vehicle used by the killer.Horsemen,27, also worked at the Grizzly Bar in Oregon.

Her body was found by a person from Craig about 4 a.m. It was taken to Heartland East Hospital in St Joseph where a autopsy was performed. Delaney said there was no evidence of assualt other then the gunshot wound.Investigators are looking for the shotgun that fired the 16-gauge shell found on the floor of the 24-hour convenience store/gasoline station. Although there is no way to tell where the shell was purchased, Delaney said the shell can be matched to the weapon.
The killing has been the subject of most conversations-and many rumors-around the county. Delaney encouraged talk about the crime."That's good" he said. "We need the story".Delaney said no drugs had been found at the station. Some people have been saying drugs were involved with the killing. Delaney said that possibility is being checkedSome money was left in the cash register in small bills. The killer apparently took only large bills. That has led some citizens to speculate that robbery was not the motive for the crime.Mrs Horseman talked with her boss about 3:30 a.m., the investigators learned. Holt County Coroner Dr. James Humphrey was called to the scene around 5.


Times Observer-
October 10,1985

'Nothing conclusive' in the homicide investigation

Law enforcement have found "nothing conclusive' in their investigation of the slaying of a Mound City woman 2 weeks ago. Holt County Sheriff, Bernie Delaney said his department, the St Joseph Police department and the Highway Patrol have continued working the crime.

Peggy Horseman, 27, was shot in the back of the head about 3:30 a.m. Friday,September 27th, in the King gas station and convenience store just west of Mound City. Investigators found a spent shell from a 16-gauge shotgun on the floor of the building. Last week three St Joseph men were arrested in connection with the robbery of a convenience store there.

They reportedly used a sawed off 16-gauge shotgun in that crime."We have spent a lot of time checking the St Joseph robbery suspects out," Delaney said. "We've found nothing conclusive yet"."We're working real hard and we don't have the answers yet." "We may never have them", he said.Test on the shotgun used in the St Joseph robbery and the shell found at the scene of the Mound City murder are being conducted. Delaney said "No comment" when asked about the results of the testing."I want to express my appreciation about how helpful everyone has been with the investigation", Delaney said. The public and the law officers involved have been very helpful, he said.


December 06, 1987

Holt County: Ms Peggy Jean Davis Horseman, 27 of Mound City Missouri.The night clerk at the King Oil Co. service station/convenience store, just west of interstate 29 Highway at the south edge of Mound City was found slain on September 27, 1985, at the business.A $1000.00 reward poster remains prominetly displayed on the front door of the business..

It is a constant reminder of the unsolved murder.To Holt County Sheriff Bernie Delaney and his staff, the small poster represents a reminder that more investigative work remains in the case.To the manager and other King employees, it recalls nightmares that linger after the slaying.Someone entered the store about 4 a.m that morning, robbed and killed Ms Horseman.

The slaying occurred only a few minutes after the victim had routinely talked with her employer.

Whoever killed Ms. Horseman apparently interrupted her while she was mopping the floor . She was taken to the rear of the store and shot in the back of the head with a shotgun at point blank range.Delaney said his staff has traveled to numerous states and several counties within Missouri seeking something that might lead them to the one who did it.

Today the unsolved murder is still a priority of the Holt County Sheriff. "We'll keep working on it every chance we get . Someday, someway, we'll come up with the person or person's responsible for this heinous crime. Cases have been solved with alot less effort.I have an obligation to find out who did it and I will". said Sheriff Delaney

Peggy Horseman- July 1984

Peggy Horseman, her father Eldon Davis & Patty